What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring: Definition and Top Countries for Outsourcing


Nearshoring, also known as near-sourcing, is a business strategy in which a company relocates services or production to a nearby country instead of doing so in a distant country (as would be the case with offshoring). Typically, these are countries that are culturally similar but offer lower costs of living and, consequently, lower wages.


Proximity to the client and similar time zones allow for direct communication and faster response times to requests. Cultural differences are generally smaller than with offshoring, which greatly facilitates collaboration.

Another advantage of IT nearshoring is the cost savings compared to in-house solutions or onshoring (awarding contracts to IT service providers in one's own country). Wage and operating costs are lower in many countries in Eastern Europe or Asia than in Western countries, allowing companies to save more than 60% in costs through nearshoring.

Top Countries for Nearshoring in Europe

Europe is a leading provider of IT nearshoring services, with many countries being attractive for businesses looking for cost-effective and high-quality IT solutions. The Balkan countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are some of the top countries for IT nearshoring in Europe.

Nearshoring in Europe: Why the Balkan Countries are an Attractive Option

The Balkan countries have become a very popular destination for IT nearshoring projects in Europe. This region, consisting of countries like Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania, has a large number of IT professionals who can support businesses in implementing their projects. The geographical location of the Balkan countries makes them an ideal location for companies from Western Europe.

An important advantage of the Balkan countries is their competitive wage costs and stable economy, making them an affordable and reliable partner for nearshoring projects. The Balkan countries have also benefited from EU integration, which has led to increased investment levels in infrastructure and the technology industry.

Overall, the Balkan countries offer a promising perspective for IT nearshoring projects in Europe. Businesses can benefit from the numerous advantages that this region has to offer while simultaneously reducing their costs and enhancing the quality of their IT services.

If you want to learn more about IT nearshoring in Europe, the Balkan countries are an excellent option. The region offers highly skilled IT professionals, competitive wage costs, and a stable economy, which can support businesses in implementing their projects.

Top Countries for Nearshoring in the USA

The USA is a key location for IT nearshoring projects, with many countries being attractive for businesses from around the world to relocate their IT projects. Mexico and Canada are among the most popular countries for IT nearshoring in the USA, as they offer well-developed infrastructure and a large number of IT professionals. Mexico is particularly attractive for IT nearshoring projects due to its geographical proximity to the USA.

If you are looking for the best countries for IT nearshoring in the USA, consider Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Argentina.


Overall, nearshoring is a popular option for businesses seeking high-quality IT services at lower costs while benefiting from proximity to the contractor and similar cultural and temporal conditions.

At the same time, businesses often look for a solution to the skills shortage problem and access to loyal IT talent in other countries through nearshoring. Many nearshoring providers have highly qualified IT experts who are familiar with Western education and work experience standards and can thus represent a valuable resource for businesses.

What is Nearshoring?

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